Interfaces Desobedientes


In his book Program or Be Programmed, Douglas Rushkoff points out ten commands of the digital age in order to illustrate some of the biases inherent in the technologies that we use to communicate.

In this workshop, we propose a discussion about the uses of commercial platforms and the limitations of these interfaces for more personal communications. Participants will learn what kind of data can be easily gathered by commercial interfaces and APIs, before designing and developing a simple interface for local communication.

4 x 5-hour days

HTML, JavaScript, node.js, front-end development, back-end development, API

Summary of activities:
Day 1:
Introduction: a peek into the Facebook API.
Introduction to HTML: how to make simple web pages.

Day 2:
More HTML and an introduction to JavaScript.

Day 3:
Back-end development with node.js.

Day 4:
Setting up a simple social network.

No prior knowledge of programming is required. The only prerequisites are: an interest in experimental uses of technology, and patience.

Personal computer