Intervenciones Telemáticas


In some of our projects, we try to expand the possibilities for occupation and appropriation of physical spaces by making communication objects more personal and by turning digital messages into physical events. This interaction using physical objects gives location and materiality to these events, making the communication process a little more aggressive and tangible.

In this workshop we present basic concepts of electronics that can be used to make physical communication devices. Participants will learn how to program a microcontroller to drive lights, motors and other types of actuators.

4 x 5-hour days

Arduino, electronics, physical computing

Summary of activities:
Day 1:
Introduction to digital electronics and programming.

Day 2:
Introduction to electronics (voltage, current, Ohm’s Law, etc).

Day 3:
More electronics, Arduino and soldering.

Day 4:
Sensors and motors.

No prior knowledge of programming or electronics is required. The only prerequisites are: an interest in experimental uses of technology, and patience.

1x Arduino
1x kit with electronic components
1x protoboard
Personal computer