This is a workshop that studies the construction of memory from participative audiovisual processes. Given how audiovisual material plays such an important role in the creation of “official” stories, we want to explore ways in which an open, collective, multimedia archive can be used to create alternative narratives about recent historical events from the point of view of people who actually participated in these events.

During the workshop, participants will analyze different models of expanded narratives and collective storytelling before deciding what kind of archive they want to build. They will then contribute audiovisual material to a database, and organize it based on the narrative needs of the group.

This workshop can be coupled with Tecnologías Disruptivas, and the resulting archive and narrative can be presented as an audiovisual installation, like in La Sonora Telemática. Another possibility is to present a live audiovisual performance using the material collected in the archive, like in El Abismo No Nos Detiene.

4 x 5-hour days

Collective archive, collective memory, collective narrative, RaspberryPi, node.js, Python

Summary of activities:
Day 1:
Introduction to the concept of memory from an audiovisual perspective.
Introduction to the concept of memory from a data organization perspective.

Day 2:
Techniques for building a collective archive using tags and categories.
Collecting, preparing and organizing the data.

Day 3:
Collecting, preparing and organizing the data.
Creating narratives.

Day 4:
Preparing the presentation.

No prior knowledge of programming is required. The only prerequisites are: an interest in experimental uses of technology, and patience.

Personal computer