Ocupación Virtual


During this 4-day workshop we review different strategies for creating independent networks using autonomous servers built from reconfigured routers. These temporary autonomous zones act as territorial interventions in the virtual landscape of commercial networks.

Participants will learn how to use OpenWRT, the popular Linux distribution for embedded systems that enables better and broader router customization, to turn commercial routers into small independent servers. Participants will also learn basic Linux command-line skills in order to interface with their routers.

4 x 5-hour days

WiFi, routers, local networks, OpenWRT, command-line interface, Linux

Summary of activities:
Day 1:
Introduction to networking: What’s a router? What’s a server?
Discuss potential uses of an independent networks.

Day 2:
Introduction to Linux: Basic command-line tools.
OpenWRT: How to set up a router.

Day 3:
Content creation and server set up.

Day 4:
Deployment and public intervention.

No prior knowledge of programming or networking is required. The only prerequisites are: curiosity for learning how networks work, an interest in experimental uses of technology, and patience.

1x Router
1x USB memory stick
Personal computer