Tecnologías Disruptivas


Together with Interfaces Desobedientes, this workshop tries to examine how commercial communication platforms can be re-appropriated and used for political action in public spaces.

During the workshop, participants learn how to program simple objects to react to different types of social media traffic. From a megaphone that shouts messages marked with a specific Twitter hashtag, to computer monitors that display poetry made up of words and images from Instagram streams.

4 x 5-hour days

Linux, RaspberryPi, Python, Pygame, APIs

Summary of activities:
Day 1:
Introduction to Linux and Python.

Day 2:
More Python.

Day 3:
How to scrape data from social networks.

Day 4:
Output design and deployment.

No prior knowledge of programming is required. The only prerequisites are: an interest in experimental uses of technology, and patience.

1x RaspberryPi
1x 5V power supply (at least 2A)
1x 8GB SD card
1x USB WiFi dongle
1x Projector/Monitor/Screen
1x Megaphone/Speakers
Personal computer